Professional Partners

Meet our team

We collaborate with professionals nationally and internationally to consolidate our clinical experience and bring in new knowledge.

Shan Shan Lui

Occupational Therapist , Director
Pioneer of S.M.A.R.T. Programme
Asia Pacific Coordinator of Kidzmix & The B.E.S.T programme
Dyslexia and Baby Massage Instructor

Shan Shan is the director of Frontier Therapy and Teaching Consultancy Limited. She was a Clinical Specialist Paediatric Occupational Therapist in London UK, and was responsible for the development of occupational therapy services for children with special needs.

In Hong Kong, Shan Shan provides paediatric occupational therapy services in mainstream and special schools, and in children’s developmental clinics. Her main scope of practice are in assessing and providing for education needs, postural management needs, and in assessing and building up children’s developmental skills.

Helen Davidson

Occupational Therapist , Family Therapist
Founding Director of The Kidzmix & the B.E.S.T Programme
Practising clinician Speaker & Author

Helen is an Occupational Therapist, a Family Therapist, holds a Masters Degree in Counselling, and has worked in Australia and the UK treating a wide range of children’s and teenager’s emotional and behavioural difficulties since 1990.

Helen is passionate about helping professionals and parents learn much more about how they can enhance their student’s and children’s lives by teaching practical social and emotional skills with fun and effective strategies that can transform their lives.

Sarah Hill

Occupational Therapist
Protection of Body Shape and Postural Care Person Centered Thinking, Planning & Profiles
Life Story Narratives
Support with Life Skills

Sarah has been practising as an occupational therapist since 1988, specialising in supporting young people and adults with learning disabilities, complex needs, mental health needs, and positive behavioural support.  She has extensive clinical and organisational experience in various settings in the UK and has worked between HK and the UK since 2009.

Her practice is rooted in person-centred thinking and planning and family partnership. She holds a professional certificate in person-centred counselling and is experienced in narrative and life story work. She is currently focusing on raising awareness for 24 hour postural care and the protection of body shape and is trained to deliver workshops in this field.

Dr. Sidney Chu

Honorary Consultant
PhD, MSc, P.DipOT
Honorary Fellow, Brunel University UK
Director and Consultant Trainer/Therapist of
Kid Power Therapy and Training Co. Ltd

Dr. Sidney Chu has many years of clinical and teaching experience. He has presented many training courses, study days and seminars in different parts of the United Kingdom and also overseas e.g. Malta, Republic of Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Jordan.

He has special interests in helping children with Specific Developmental Disorders (e.g. developmental coordination disorder, dyslexia, ADHD etc), Cerebral Palsy and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Christina Lee

Music Therapist
Registered Music Therapist
Master of Creative Music Therapy

Christina trained in Music Therapy at the University of Western Sydney, Australia. She has been serving children with special education needs in schools, special schools, and community centers.

She works with children with autism, ADHD, developmental delay, and challenging behaviors to help them control their own emotion and to help them build social interaction skills.

Judy Wong

Dyslexia Specialist
Master of Science in Special Education
Orton-Gillingham Associate Level
Certificate on Oral Placement Therapy
( Talk Tools)

Judy obtained a Master degree in Special Education with a Specialization in Learning Disabilities at the University of North Dakota. She is a licensed teacher at the State of North Dakota with a Special Education Endorsement. She runs Talk Tools Level 1 A & Level 2 therapy program, and AOGPE Orton-Gillingham program for students with dyslexia.

Judy has extensive work experience with students with language-based learning disability, students with ADD, ADHD, gifted and autism in Vancouver. She used multi-sensory learning approach to help students to develop their language skills.

About us

We are a friendly and approachable team of therapy professionals under the leadership of Shan Shan Lui. Please contact us for friendly chat concerning any queries regarding children’s assessment and therapy services offered by us.