Learn Smart. Write Smart. Be Playground Smart.

Company Mission

Our company is committed to the development, connections, and enrichment of both professionals and children with therapy needs. Our services are mainly focused on therapy programs for children, and on our collaborations with other healthcare, therapy and educational professionals.

Learning and Development

We believe that children are naturally born to learn and that they develop through careful nurturing. As professionals, we equip ourselves to provide the best support and therapy services.

Connecting and Building Relationship

We encourage children to be more proactive and empower them in socializing and managing challenging social situation. We establish professional relationships with our therapists, and support each others’ career and professional development.

Enriching Life Experiences

By working hand-in-hand, we believe individuals will be inspired, touched and enriched.

About us

We are a friendly and approachable team of therapy professionals under the leadership of Shan Shan Lui. Please contact us for friendly chat concerning any queries regarding children’s assessment and therapy services offered by us.