Be Playground Smart!

The B.E.S.T Curriculum

Behavioural, Emotional, Social Skills Training

The Highway of My Life: Smart Life Skills 4 Kids.

Sticking Up 4 Me

Beating Bullying & Taming Teasing

Strategies 4 Managing Me

Mood Management and Emotional Self-Regulation

Connecting 4 Friendships

From Sensitivity to Confidence

Strategies 4 Getting It Done

Organization & Persistence

The Highway Concept

The concept of a “Highway” is that we are all travelling along a pathway with a lot of events happening. Starting school is one of the first.  At that “Highway Happening” much learning occurs academically, socially and emotionally.  

By analogy, the Highway signs are like difficulties (bumps, pot holes, slippery roads) that everyone is familiar with in their daily life. Using this to compare to the bumps that occur in friendships, managing one's emotions is part of daily maintenance focused on both the internal and the external parts of the vehicle (like ourselves).

Kidzmix concepts will be incorporated and the Kidzmix book will be the companion to the program essentially featuring the skills that go with all the events happening along the Highway.

Each of the 4 Modules comprises 5 sessions of 50-minute lessons, containing the following:

Leader Guide

Student Class Activity Sheets

Student Home Activities

Parent Information

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